Thursday, May 28, 2009

a walk to remember :D

wishlist :

it's nice to be back here in the Philippines.
reunion with my friends, visit some relatives etc.

and some autographs ? i think.

i just went here to get my Form 137.
finally! i will escape in this stupid and a nightmare world !
i hate it!

i will miss some of the people here.
especially my SISTERS :D

but then, Shan Shan needs to adjust

till here
wo hu xi ni :)

``Shan Shan

Friday, May 15, 2009


here i am again :D
i had a nightmare last 3 days.
one of the reason is I WATCHED the ring again.

i was collaborated with my childhood enemy :D i think.
a reunion ?
and also, in my so-called Nightmare,
"andun din si KOALA! haha"

what a nightmare :D

i had a stomach ache!


i cant sleep either.
i will just update this blog :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a dream come true

i met Zaii when i was in fourth grade when they conducted a concert here in the philippines.
at first, i never think that i can meet him, talk to him like an ordinary boy etc.

years later, i went to Taiwan for a vacation.
but before that, February 20, 2009. i started a relationship with him.
some of the so-called paparazzi has taken some
pictures. and for almost 3 days, he's the headline of entertainment news in Taiwan.

i really don't understand why do they need to conduct some news like that?
his life needs to be private also.

we are almost 2 months and still counting

``till here :D
``shan shan :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Dear Author,

it's me again
trying to correct some mistakes.
i finally passed the entrance exam in Hsing Wu College
and also, my mag.

but then, i asked myself
"why do i need to enter to another world again ?
to fulfill such kind of career?
am i not contented with such an editor-in-chief?
why do i need to go to my hometown and find some happiness?
am i not happy in staying here?"

actually, YES ! i'm not happy. during my stay in the Philippines was my nightmare. i met different people.
became a part of editorial board.

but my life became misery when i entered my sophomore life.
many scary things happened
"Itinuring mong kaibigan, un pa ang magtratraydor sa iyo ! (because of insecurities and jealousy)"

"at kung sino pa ung itinuring mong kaaway, un pa ung maging kakampi mo pagdating ng tamang oras."

that quote was true.

it's already 3am here.
and i can't sleep.

i decided to update :D

so there. see you soon :))

Shan Shan o20 能賢

Friday, May 1, 2009

dear author:

another blog again :D
i really really wish to go back to past.
to arrange everything

but then, i can't go back.
but now, i'm really contented with my life now !

i met my brotherly love
the rest of the famous boyband
and ZZ

i became a part of play_kawaii
became a part of our school paper

but as of now, there are regrets!

number 1 is: i canceled my account because i want to ignore someone
he's the reason why i easily forget my past

i simply said to him that i like him.

and he said i like you also.

but i'm not contented with that.

until i finally met ZZ

we became a super close friends :D

and some of the news said that ZZ is currently dating someone :D

he taught me many things in life
to become independent, believe in yourself Fighting :D

as of now, i'm in a retreat :)

till here :D
Neng Xian